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Say no to vaccinations using conditional acceptance contract

Ok so someone has to address this key/crucial factor of contract about the issue of Vaccines which are deemed to be mandatory.
While I do not know for sure how this vaccine game will work exactly. I was told it requires the signing of a consent form before receiving the Vaccine/Flu shots etc.

Now ask yourself the question IF something claims to be mandatory then why is a consent form needed/required to be signed?

There is no law that I know of that can force men/women to sign a consent form, in absence of evidence that the product is not harmful.

Can someone be charged/jailed for refusing to sign a Consent Form? I don’t think so.

Can someone be charged/jailed for refusing a vaccine? quite possibly YES

This is a word game,

Remember for any piece of legislation to be valid, it must have your consent. All contracts require man/woman to mark it with their sign of nature to give it validity/life. Otherwise its just a piece of paper that has no value.

The opt-out contract is the contract the big institutions try to get you the sign if you don’t want to sign their contracts.

So when you refuse to allow the institution to rob you, the institution hands you an opt-out contract where you agree to pay them for not robbing you.

Your refusal IS the opt-out.

Then you’ve the pressure of being told that if you don’t accept the possibly unsafe and harmful vaccination,  they will deny you medical services or take your children out of school, or even punish you as a negligent parent.

Well there’s a solution for this too.

If what they’re offering involves any risk to you or your family, they must insure you against that risk. So you give them something to sign.

You offer them a contract called a ‘conditional acceptance,’ which they must sign before you sign their proposal.

Your conditional acceptance contract says that you will accept their possibly unsafe and harmful vaccination proposal if, and this is a big IF  they insure you against the risks and any negative effects from it.

Wherever there is risk, you have every right to refuse the offer or receive insurance to cover that risk.

Being insured means that someone, somewhere, some identified and responsible individual, must promise to pay all damages for any negative consequences of the vaccine or policy they are attempting to force upon you.

Institutions and Governments are criminally violating people and they know it.

So if they refuse to insure you against the possible damage their possibly unsafe and harmful vaccination could cause to you, you have every right to refuse that vaccine.

Vaccines are known to be hazardous and harmful, so much so that no insurance company will provide insurance for their effects for any price.




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What Level of AWAKE are you ?

By Robbie Kearns

Levels of awakening
The path to true freedom begins with recognising just how completely all the systems are rigged against you. Only from there can you withdraw your consent from all the rigged systems that are insidiously working to keep you sick, suppressed, impoverished and ignorant.

From there, focus your power and your effort inward, asking self-empowering questions like how can I become better informed and educated? How can I gain new skills? How can I improve my health and set myself free from the medical enslavement system? In time, these questions will transform to more broad questions such as: How can I contribute something meaningful to the world? What can I do to serve in the defense of life and truth?
These are levels of awareness / awakening. I describe them like this:
Level 0 – “Zombie”
This is the default level of total ignorance at which 90% of the population operates. They have no clue about anything that matters such as how fiat currency systems operate, natural cures for cancer, the true dangers of vaccines, how television manipulates their behavior and so on. (These people are often experts in sports and TV sitcoms, however.)
Level 1 – “Awakened”
This level is achieved when a person realizes something along the lines of “Hey, I’m living in a dream world. I’m being told lies at every turn. What is real? How can I know what is real?” This is where people start asking questions.
Level 2 – “Informed”
A level 2 person is someone who has taught themselves a significant amount of real history and the way the world really works. This person will have knowledge of politics, psychology, world history, economics, natural health, the natural world (water, ecosystems, soils, etc.), basic anatomy, basic science and so on. Not even 1% of the population today qualifies as level 2. Most people operate in a state of wild ignorance of the world around them.
Level 3 – “Mastery”
A level 3 person not only understands a great deal about the real world around them, they have also grasped ways to navigate through that world with great accomplishment and influence. They are innovators, creators and often communicators. Financial achievement is not the purpose here. Rather, it is achieving relevance in a world largely populated by utterly irrelevant people.
Level 4 – “Enlightenment”
This level is only achieved by those of the highest dedication to spiritual awakening. You would typically only find this level of understanding in people who pursue a lifetime practice of prayer, or transcendental meditation, or a similar spiritual practice. At this level of awareness, individuals become withdrawn from the material world and really have no interest in interacting with individuals of lower levels of awareness. Far less than one in a million human beings will ever achieve level 4 “Enlightenment.”
Just to review these levels again, here are some of the keywords and concepts that typically relate to people of each level:
Level 0 – “Zombie” – Football, sports scores, TV sitcoms, processed junk food, vaccinations, playing the lotto, following doctors’ orders, submitting to apparent authority, going along with the status quo.
Level 1 – “Awakened” – Asks questions. Reads ingredients on foods. Questions their doctor. Watches documentaries instead of sports. Attempts to assess information and think rationally. Questions false authority.
Level 2 – “Informed” – Reads books. Explores alternative information. Invests in self-education. Participates in activism. Seeks to make changes in the world around them. Speaks out with friends. Challenges people’s beliefs. Reflects on their own beliefs and is capable of adaptation.
Level 3 – “Mastery” – Has great influence. Creates things. Innovates. Provides solutions. Invents new things. No television. No vaccines. No junk food. Has a very long-term perspective. Understands the “big picture.” Seeks to help others. Has compassion for living things. Recognizes the web of life on our planet.
Level 4 – “Enlightenment” – Realizes the great illusion of life. Embraces immortality of consciousness and the human spirit. Expresses compassion for others but not intervention. Never seeks to “change” others, only to invite them to expand their awareness. Recognizes interconnectedness of all life systems. Sees the human life experience in a humorous light. Is able to tap into higher consciousness. Rarely seeks fame and not interested in financial success. Often abandons all material wealth.
Remember: The rigged systems in place today want to suppress your rise from Level 0 to Level 4. They wish to keep you as dumbed-down as possible so that you never become fully aware of what’s really happening around you. Only by refusing to participate in those systems do you have a real opportunity to move up the levels and achieve the only thing that really matters: High-level consciousness.

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Courts, Names and the Cestui Que Vie Trust


My position of late on going to court has always been: never voluntarily go to court. Live men and women are not meant to be in any place designed solely for the business of fictional entities. When we attend court, we are deemed dead, in fact, they cannot deal with us until we admit to being dead….a legal fiction….a trust. Court is for titled persons: judge, prosecutor, defendant, bailiffs, cops, and attorneys. Live men and women are not recognized, so it makes sense to send in a dead person––an attorney––to handle our cases …. except for one thing: they do not know how the system works, due to their indoctrination. If you can find one to do as you say, then you will prevail, but most of them would rather hang onto their BAR cards than behave honorably. The only thing that dead, fictional entities want from us is our life energy, and the only way they can get it is by our agreement. Without us, they cannot function, so, they are desperate to get us into court, to have us pay the debt which they created by charging the trust.

Since common law courts no longer exist, we know that the case never has anything to do with “facts” or live men and women and so, anyone who testifies (talks about the facts of the case) is doomed. ALL courts operate in trust law, based upon ecclesiastical canon law–– ritualism, superstition, satanism, etc.––which manifests as insidious, commercial law and we are in court to take the hit, if they can get us to do so. They use every trick in the book––intimidation, fear, threat, ridicule, rage, and even recesses, in order to change the jurisdiction, when they know they are losing, in order to make us admit that we are the name of the trust. When we do so, we are deemed to be the trustee––the one liable for administering the trust. Ergo, until now, it has been a waste of our time, energy, and emotion to go to a place where it is almost certain that we will be stuck with the liability.

We all know from our indoctrination, programming, and schooling that judges are impartial and have sworn an oath to this effect. This means he must not favour either plaintiff or defendant. But, our experience reveals that he does, indeed, favour the plaintiff, indicating a glaring conflict of interest––that the prosecutor, judge, and clerk all work for the state––the owner of the CQV trust. So, as the case is NOT about “justice”, it must be about the administration of a trust. They all represent the trust owned by the state and, if we are beneficiary, the only two positions left are Trustee and Executor. So, if you detect the judge’s partiality, although I doubt the case will get this far, you might just want to let them know that you know this.

If you consider court as entertainment and if you can stand the evil emanating from its officers, the fear and angst oozing from the walls, and the treacherous atmosphere, then go, knowing that under trust law we cannot be the trustee or the executor of a trust, whilst being beneficiary, as that would be a conflict. The position of beneficiary may lack clout, but the other positions hold liability. Since state employees want to be the beneficiaries of the trust, the only way they can do so is to transfer, to us, the liability which they hold, as trustees and executors, because they also cannot be both the administrators and beneficiary of the trust. So, trusteeship and executorship, i.e.: suretyship, becomes a hot potato and everyone wants to toss it so s/he can be beneficiary of the credit from the trust.

When we were born, a trust, called a Cestui Que Vie Trust (“CQV”) was set-up, for our benefit. Evidence of this is the birth certificate. But what is the value which must be conveyed to the trust, in order to create it? It was our right to property (via Birth into this world), our body (via the Live Birth Record), and our souls (via Baptism). Since the state/province which registered the trust is the owner, it is also the trustee…. the one that administers the trust. Since they, also, wanted to be beneficiary of this trust, they had to come up with ways to get us, as beneficiary, to authorize their charging the trust, allegedly, for our benefit (via our signature on a document: citation, application, etc.), and then, temporarily transfer trusteeship, to us, during the brief time that they want to be the beneficiary of a particular “constructive” trust.

This means that a trust can be established anywhere, anytime, and the parties of the trust are quickly, albeit temporarily, put into place. But, since a beneficiary cannot charge a trust––only a trustee can do so––it is the state that charges the trust, but they do so for their benefit, not ours (albeit occasionally we do reap some benefit from that charge but nowhere near the value which they reap. Think bank loan….. we reap a minute percentage of what they gain from our authorization). So, the only way, under trust law, for them to be able to charge the trust is to get the authorization from the beneficiary––us, and the only way for them to benefit from their charge is to get us to switch roles––from beneficiary to trustee (the one responsible for the accounting), and for them to switch their role––from trustee to beneficiary because no party can be both, at the same time, i.e.: within the same constructive trust. They must somehow trick us into accepting the role of trustee. Why would we do so when the trust is for our benefit? …. and how do they manage to do this?

Well, the best way is to get us into court and trick us into unwittingly doing so. But, if we know what has transpired, prior to our being there, it is easy to know what to say so that this doesn’t happen. The court clerk is the hot shot, even though it appears as if the judge is. The clerk is the trustee for the CQV owned by the state/province and it is s/he who is responsible for appointing the trustee and the executor for a constructive trust––that particular court case.

So s/he appoints the judge as trustee (the one to administer the trust) and appoints the prosecutor as executor of the trust. The executor is ultimately liable for the charge because it was s/he who brought the case into court (created the constructive trust) on behalf of the state/province which charged the CQV trust. Only an executor/prosecutor can initiate/create a constructive trust and we all know the maxim of law: Whoever creates the controversy holds the liability and whoever holds the liability must provide the remedy. This is why all attorneys are mandated to bring their cheque-books to court because if it all goes wrong for them…. meaning either they fail to transfer their liability onto the alleged defendant, or the alleged defendant does not accept their offer of liability, then someone has to credit the trust account in order to off-set the debt. Since the prosecutor is the one who issues bogus paper and charges the trust, it is the Prosecutor/Executor (“PE”) who is in the hot-seat.

When the Name (of the trust), e.g.: JOHN DOE, is called by the Judge aka Administrator aka Trustee (“JAT”), we can stand and ask, “Are you saying that the trust which you are now administrating is the JOHN DOE trust?” This establishes that we know that the Name is a trust, not a live man. What’s the JAT’s first question? “What’s your name?” or “State your name for the record”. We must be very careful not to identify with the name of the trust because doing so makes us the trustee. What does this tell you about the judge? If we know that the judge is the trustee, then we also know that the judge is the Name, but only for this particular, constructive trust. Now, think about all the times that JATs have become so frustrated by our refusal to admit to being the Name that they issue a warrant and then, as soon as the man leaves, he is arrested. How idiotic is that? They must feel foolish for saying, “John Doe is not in court so I’m issuing a warrant for his arrest” and then, the man whom they just admitted is NOT there is arrested because he IS there. Their desperation makes them insane. They must get us to admit to being the name, or they pay, and we must not accept their coercion, or we pay. Because the JAT is the trustee––a precarious position, the best thing to say, in that case, is “JOHN DOE is, indeed, in the court!” Point to the JAT. “It is YOU! As trustee, YOU are JOHN DOE, today, aren’t you?!”

During their frustration over our not admitting to being a trust name––the trustee and/or executor of the trust, we ought to ask who they are. “Before we go any further, I need to know who YOU are.” Address the clerk of the court––the trustee for the CQV trust owned by the state/province, “Are you the CQV’s trustee who has appointed this judge as administrator and trustee of the constructive trust case #12345? Did you also appoint the prosecutor as executor of this constructive trust?” Then point to the JAT: “So you are the trustee”, then point to the prosecutor, “and you are the executor? And I’m the beneficiary, so, now we know who’s who and, as beneficiary, I authorize you to handle the accounting and dissolve this constructive trust. I now claim my body so I am collapsing the CQV trust which you have charged, as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws!” Likely, we will not get that far before the JAT will order “Case dismissed” or, even more likely, the PE, as he clings tightly to his cheque-book, will call, “We withdraw the charges”.

We have exposed their fraud of the CQV trust which exists only on presumptions. The CQV has no corpus, no property, ergo, no value. Trusts are created only upon the conveyance of property and can exist only as long as there is value in the trust. But, there is no value in the CQV trust, yet, they continue to charge the trust. That is fraud! The alleged property is we men and women whom they have deemed to be incompetent, dead, abandoned, lost, bankrupts, or minors, but that is an illusion so, if we claim our body, then we collapse the presumption that the trust has value. They are operating in fraud––something we’ve always known, but now we know how they do it. Our having exposed their fraud gives them only three options:

1. They can dissolve the CQV trust––the one for which the clerk of the court is trustee and from which s/he created a constructive trust––the case––for which s/he appointed the judge and prosecutor titles which hold temporary liability––trustee and executor, respectively. But they cannot dissolve the CQV or the entire global system will collapse because they cannot exist without our energy which they obtain via that CQV trust.2. They can enforce the existing rules of trust law which means, as trustee, they can set-off their debt and leave us alone. Now they know that we are onto their fraud and every time they go into court to administer a trust account, they will not know if we are the one who will send them to jail. The trustee (judge) is the liable party who will go to jail, and the executor (prosecutor) is the one who enforces this. This is why they want us to take on both titles, because then, not only do we go to jail but also, by signing their paper, we become executor and enforce our own sentence. They cannot afford to violate the ecclesiastical canon laws, out of fear of ending their careers, so they are, again, trapped with no place to run.

3. They can dismiss the cases before they even take the risk of our exposing their fraud …. which also makes no sense because then their careers, again, come to a screeching halt.

What’s a court clerk to do!? Pretty soon, none of these thugs will take any cases because the risk is too great. This will be the end of the court system. ‘Bout bloody time, eh?

Knowledge––not procedure––is power.

The means by which we have attempted to assuage our problems, inflicted upon us by the PTW (powers that were) have all been superficial, compared to the origins of all the black magic, superstition, satanic ritualism, trickery, mind-control, and clandestine practices. Under commercial law, dating back to the Code of Ur-Nammu––around 2100 BCE––the use of another’s property without permission puts one into dishonor and makes him liable for any debts. So, our using UCC forms, bills of exchange, AFV, or bonds, and altering documents of the Roman System can create penalties, as this is trading and/or using the property of a corporation we do not own …. the birth certificate proves that the “name” is, in fact, the property of the corporation which issued it. We can do all the paper perfectly but, in the end, they say, “Sorry; you’re not one of us.” But, now, we get to inflict fear onto them. When we are forced to court, knowing that the Judge acts as the Trustee and the prosecutor acts as Executor of the CQV Trusts is empowering. It gives us two choices:

1. If we wish to expose the fraud of presumptions, by which the CQV trusts still exist, then the court is the perfect opportunity to have them dissolved or to prove the fraud because the Trustee is sitting on the bench. Dissolving the first CQV, dissolves them all; or,2. If we are not inclined to use something like the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll to expose the fraud of the CQV Trusts, then, at least, we ought to know that everything the judge says––even if it sounds like a command, order, or sentence––is actually an offer which we can choose to decline (“I do not consent; I do not accept your offer”). This is a fundamental principle of testamentary trusts…… the beneficiary can accept or decline what the trustee offers.

For 15 years, I have watched the alleged solutions in commerce come and go and nothing has worked for enough people on enough occasions to call anything a consistent win. Paying for information is insanity because those who sell information clearly have not prevailed or they wouldn’t need to sell anything, would they? Buying express, private-contract trusts, e.g.: NACRS, is a huge waste of time and money because the entire process is too complicated for anyone with an IQ below 400 and …. “no refunds”. I have found no solution in commerce because those who claim to have solutions still insist upon treating symptoms rather than curing the cause––the fraudulent CQV trust.

If we send an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll (see:…ticle_1330.htm ), as response to a summons or arrest warrant, then the judge who issues them has to think long and hard: “Am I willing to gamble that the man who walks into my court might call me on my role of trustee and expose the fraud that the CQV Trusts are still in place?

Canons of Positive Law:…ticle_0000.htm

This knowledge is your power. –– Frank O’Collins

History of Trusts

The 1st Trust of the world

Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an express trust deed. The last line reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, conveyed in trust.

Triple Crown of Ba’al, aka the Papal Tiara and Triregnum

In 1302 Pope Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam––the first Express Trust. He claimed control over the whole planet which made him “King of the world”. In celebration, he commissioned a gold-plated headdress in the shape of a pinecone, with an elaborate crown at its base. The pinecone is an ancient symbol of fertility and one traditionally associated with Ba’al as well as the Cult of Cybele. It also represents the pineal gland in the centre of our brains––crystalline in nature–– which allows us access to Source, hence, the 13-foot tall pinecone in Vatican Square. Think about why the Pontiffs would idolize a pinecone. See: Pharmacratic Inquisition:

The 1st Crown of Crown Land

Pope Boniface VIII was the first leader in history to create the concept of a Trust, but the first Testamentary Trust, through a deed and will creating a Deceased Estate, was created by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, through the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex. This is only one of three (3) papal bulls to include the line with the incipit “For a perpetual remembrance.” This Bull had the effect of conveying the right of use of the land as Real Property, from the Express Trust Unam Sanctam, to the control of the Pontiff and his successors in perpetuity. Hence, all land is claimed as “crown land”. This 1st Crown is represented by the 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born. It deprives us of all beneficial entitlements and rights on the land.

The 2nd Crown of the Commonwealth

The second Crown was created in 1481 with the papal bull Aeterni Regis, meaning “Eternal Crown”, by Sixtus IV, being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as deeds of testamentary trusts.

This Papal Bull created the “Crown of Aragon”, later known as the Crown of Spain, and is the highest sovereign and highest steward of all Roman Slaves subject to the rule of the Roman Pontiff. Spain lost the crown in 1604 when it was granted to King James I of England by Pope Paul V after the successful passage of the “Union of Crowns”, or Commonwealth, in 1605 after the false flag operation of the Gunpowder Plot. The Crown was finally lost by England in 1975, when it was returned to Spain and King Carlos I, where it remains to this day. This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born and, by the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving us of ownership of our flesh and condemning us to perpetual servitude, as a Roman person, or slave.

The 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See

The third Crown was created in 1537 by Paul III, through the papal bull Convocation, also meant to open the Council of Trent. It is the third and final testamentary deed and will of a testamentary trust, set up for the claiming of all “lost souls”, lost to the See. The Venetians assisted in the creation of the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540, to use this papal bull as the basis of Ecclesiastical authority of Henry VIII. This Crown was secretly granted to England in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls. The Crown was lost in 1816, due to the deliberate bankruptcy of England, and granted to the Temple Bar which became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown. The Bar Associations have since been responsible for administering the “reaping” of the souls of the lost and damned, including the registration and collection of Baptismal certificates representing the souls collected by the Vatican and stored in its vaults.

This 3rd Crown is represented by the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is baptized. It is the parents’ grant of the Baptismal certificate––title to the soul––to the church or Registrar. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as things––cargo without souls––upon which the BAR is now legally able to enforce Maritime law.

The Cestui Que Vie Trust

A Cestui Que Vie Trust is a fictional concept. It is a Temporary Testamentary Trust, first created during the reign of Henry VIII of England through the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 and updated by Charles II, through the CQV Act of 1666, wherein an Estate may be effected for the Benefit of a Person presumed lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore assumed “dead” after seven (7) years. Additional presumptions, by which such a Trust may be formed, were added in later statutes to include bankrupts, minors, incompetents, mortgages, and private companies. The original purpose of a CQV Trust was to form a temporary Estate for the benefit of another because some event, state of affairs, or condition prevented them from claiming their status as living, competent, and present, before a competent authority. Therefore, any claims, history, statutes, or arguments that deviate in terms of the origin and function of a CQV Trust, as pronounced by these canons, is false and automatically null and void.

A Beneficiary under Estate may be either a Beneficiary or a CQV Trust. When a Beneficiary loses direct benefit of any Property of the higher Estate placed in a CQV Trust on his behalf, he do not “own” the CQV Trust; he is only the beneficiary of what the Trustees of the CQV Trust choose to provide. As all CQV Trusts are created on presumption, based upon original purpose and function, such a Trust cannot be created if these presumptions can be proven not to exist.

Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State (Estate) under inferior Roman law, three (3) Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions specifically designed to deny, forever, the child any rights of Real Property, any Rights to be free, and any Rights to be known as man or woman, rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and possessing their Soul or Spirit.

The Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly:

1. convey the beneficial entitlements of the child, as Beneficiary, into the 1st Cestui Que (Vie) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights to Real Property; and,2. claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient tradition of either having the ink impression of the baby’s feet onto the live birth record, or a drop of its blood, as well as tricking the parents to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record which is a promissory note, converted into a slave bond, sold to the private reserve bank of the estate, and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate CQV Trust, per child, owned by the bank. When the promissory note reaches maturity and the bank is unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and is monetized as currency issued in series against the CQV Trust.

3. claim the child’s soul via the Baptismal Certificate. Since 1540 and the creation of the 1st CQV Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Roman Cult leader Pope Paul III, 1540, when a child is baptized and a Baptismal Certificate is issued, the parents have gifted, granted, and conveyed the soul of the baby to a “3rd” CQV Trust owned by Roman Cult, which has held this valuable property in its vaults ever since. Since 1815, this 3rd Crown of the Roman Cult and 3rd CQV Trust representing Ecclesiastical Property has been managed by the BAR as the reconstituted “Galla” responsible, as Grim Reapers, for reaping the souls.

Each Cestui Que Vie Trust, created since 1933, represents one of the 3 Crowns representing the three claims of property of the Roman Cult: Real Property (on Earth), Personal Property (body), and Ecclesiastical Property (soul). Each corresponds exactly to the three forms of law available to the Galla of the BAR Courts: corporate commercial law (judge is the ‘landlord’), maritime and canon law (judge is the banker), and Talmudic law (judge is the priest).

What is the real power of a court ‘judge’?

Given what has been revealed about the foundations of Roman Law, what is the real hidden power of a judge when we face court? Is it their superior knowledge of process and procedure or of magic? Or is it something simpler and far more obvious?

It is unfortunate that much of the excitement about Estates and Executors has deliberately not revealed that an Estate, by definition, has to belong to a Trust––to be specific, a Testamentary Trust or CQV Trust. When we receive legal paper or have to appear in court, it is these same CQV Trusts which have our rights converted into the property contained within them. Instead of being the Trustee, or the Executor, or Administrator, we are merely the Beneficiary of each CQV Trust, granted only beneficial and equitable use of certain property, never legal title. So if the Roman Legal System assumes we are merely the beneficiary of these CQV Trusts, when we go to court, who represents the Trustee and Office of Executor? We all know that all cases are based upon the judge’s discretion which often defies procedures, statutes, and maxims of law. Well, they are doing what any Trustee or Executor, administering a trust in the presence of the beneficiary, can do under Roman Law and all the statutes, maxims, and procedures are really for show because under the principles of Trust Law, as first formed by the Roman Cult, a Trustee has a wide latitude, including the ability to correct any procedural mistakes, by obtaining the implied or tacit consent of the beneficiary, to obviate any mistakes. The judge is the real and legal Name. The judge is the trust, itself. We are the mirror image to them––the ghost––the dead. It is high sorcery, trickery, and subterfuge that has remained “legal” for far too long. Spread the word.

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Judgement vacated

Court Case Heard Under The 1919 Constitution Of The Sovereign Republic Of Éire


Not too many people may be aware of this, But it is possible to get a court case heard under the 1919 Constitution of the Sovereign Republic of éire. This is the only ratified constitution in existence today. Yes I know we had a de facto constitution in 1922 and we have Bunreacht na heireann which was ratified by a portion of the people (the ones living in the 26 counties) also know as free staters in 1937.

Now back to the courts and the 1919 Sovereign constitution,

One the 5th of March 2014 a Sovereign Irishman called Mick ÓRiordan from Cork received a summons from Cork court house, to appear before Judge D. Riordan on the 31/03/2014 at 10.30 that day in relation to the non payment of a fine.

Record No SA429/2013,

Courthouse : Washington Street Cork

Judge : D Riordan

Date 31st march 2014

Time 10.30

Sequence 14

So Mick being Sovereign decided to exercise his right to have it heard under the 1919 Sovereign Constitution and duly informed the court clerk (Judges agent) of same. Mick handed in the necessary paperwork had it signed sealed and witnessed by William James McGuire, who is the President of  The Irish Republican Brotherhood and President of The Sovereign Republic of éire and is also president of the Sovereign Dail Eireann Court (Four Courts), It was also embossed with the Sovereign seal which Billy holds in trust for the Irish people on the 24th of March 2014.

So on the day of the hearing at District Court of Cork City

Case No S 2012/88342 charge No 1

The Director of public prosecutor at the Suit of garda Joe Bloggs (not real name) Togher.

Accused, Micheal Ó Riordan From somewhere in the rebel county of Cork (Not his real address).

Mick was accused of having a registered vehicle parked on a double yellow line at a certain location in Cork. in contravention of article 36(2) of road traffic regulations, 1997.

Contrary to section 35(5)of the road traffic act 1994 and section 102 of road traffic act 1961 (as amended by section 18 of the road traffic act 2006)

It was adjudged that the said defendant be convicted of said offence and pay a fine of EUR 125.00 within 3 months or in default of payment the said defendant be imprisoned in Cork prison for the period of 5 days unless the sum be paid sooner.

Upon the hearing of an appeal in said matter on 31/03/2014 the circuit judge did order:

Allow appeal. VACATE District court order

I can only guess as to why this case was VACATED, It being that none of the courts in Ireland have a license to operate. Everything that you are told is a lie, and the vast percentage of the population have been sold the lie that the court fictions people attend daily are real. They have no licenses, nor do County Councils, RTE or any other fictional entities pretending to be bona fide.

Mick 1

Mick 2

Mick 3

Documented Evidence

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What is the main problem causing the Austerity and Financial woes of the Irish.  

Author Unknown
What is the main problem causing the Austerity and Financial woes of the Irish.
a. Its money and its creation.
So what is money ?
a. Money is debt borrowed into existence in a usury system where it can never be repaid, nothing more, (FACT the euro’s we spend daily are not even money they are only described as legal tender).
So how does one take control of the money for the country ?
a. Exit the EU, take control of our money supply rather than leaving it to the ECB and a central bank ( owned and operated by the Crown) to look after. Create our own Central bank, (Bank of éire) and create our own money system, after all money is nothing more than a tool for barter, the new currency could be called the Sovereign. Private banking would have to be nationalised, or only be a small portion of the market, a public banking system should be created.
Is there a solution ?
a. The solution is a Sovereign money system
In a Sovereign money system, the power to create money would be removed from the banking sector and transferred to a public body, such as a newly created Bank of éire.
This bank would be solely responsible for creating new money, which would then be transferred to the government, who  use it for public spending, tax cuts, or direct transfers to people. Current account customers would hold the electronic money issued by the Bank of éire, rather than holding the liabilities of the private banks.
Public & private banks would still have the important function of matching savers with borrowers, and would act as intermediaries. The difference being that these banks could only lend out money that a saver made available through an investment account.
Such changes would allow the Bank of éire to make sure that money creation would correspond to growth in a real economy. Creation of money wouldn’t depend on the willingness of the private banking sector to lend. If inflation rose above targeted levels, then the Bank of éire would slow the rate of money creation. Conversely, if deflation occurs, then the Bank of éire could increase money creation. The newly created money would be transferred to the government to spend directly into the veins of the real economy. The Bank of éire could influence the wider economy much more effectively and directly than under the current broken system.
Instead of having money created through the process of lending, Sovereign money would be created free of debt. When new money is created, the Irish Treasury could issue a certain amount of ‘perpetual zero-coupon bonds’. These would be interest free and would never need to be repaid. The Bank of éire would then purchase these bonds by crediting the Treasury account with new Sovereigns.
So that the Bank of éire’s balance sheet would balance out, the newly created money would appear as a liability of the Bank of éire and an asset of the Irish treasury. The bonds would be an asset to the Bank of éire and a liability of the Irish treasury.
Giving the Bank of éire a monopoly on issuing all new currency would mean that new money could be created even while businesses and households are paying down their existing loans. No one would have to take on more debt for there to be an increase in spending in the economy. The supplementary spending by the Irish government would counter any reduction in spending caused by the private sector trying to pay down its debts. It would permit debt reduction without increasing risks of a future crisis.
Allowing the Bank of éire to have a monopoly on all new money creation, would mean that all the profits from creating electronic money and bank notes would go to the Irish government. With 95-97% of current money created by private banks, transferring this prerogative to the Bank of éire would increase public revenues massively, allowing for more public spending or the repayment of public debt.
A separation of investment accounts and current accounts would mean that the payments system would not be jeopardized if a bank fails. Instead of having current accounts with money that is composed of uncertain promises to pay issued by private banks, such accounts would hold risk-free and debt-free money issued by the state. If the customer’s public bank were to fail, the money in the current account would still be safe and the customer could still access it and spend it. Customers that made their money available for lending in an investment account, would need to wait while the bank was liquidated in order to get their investment back. Payments could only be made via a current account and not an investment account. Accordingly, it would not be necessary to bail out an irresponsible bank in order to protect the payment system.
Ultimately, éire could have a much brighter future ahead, with money creation under democratic control. The Bank of éire would have more direct and better means of influencing the economy when necessary, not to mention a sounder and less complex banking system.

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Four Courts

Barrister unhappy with 60 year old woman’s Official Offer and promissory note defense


Yesterday I sat in court 33 in the Four Courts with 2 friends watching banks and the State demolish families through an unjust legal administration process which see’s them eventually turfed out of their dwellings (the place where they live) and onto the street. This is something I do week in week out, but  this day was different.

I had attended court 33 this sunny friday morning, to support my friend Mary (not her real name) a 60 year old woman who through no fault of her own had found herself before the courts and is now fighting for her very existence.

These courts are a very cold place indeed if one is facing this crisis alone, But we had come to support Mary in her hour of need.

Sauve barristers grovel, whinge, complain and act (some wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood movie) to court Registrars like their owed something, others are pimple face youngsters barely qualified out of college getting to cut their teeth, and the first blood they draw will be the life blood from some poor unfortunate family. All of them actors working in the Crown court system dispossessing Irish families of their shelter, which as everyone knows is a necessity to live in Ireland.

Anyway, There were 47 seven family homes coming under the hammer, I sat there and watched  the proceedings, I watched the barristers communicate with the Registrar through secret hand signals (a ploy used in all courts to make sure the barristers get what they want) to manipulate the defendants into unwinnable positions.

The people before this court are not immature youngsters, they are middle aged couples with young families, I watched the fear in their eyes as their names are read from the list.

For many its their first time ever in a courtroom, They have no idea whats going on as the Registrar chats with them explaining the seriousness of the case, as they contract unknowingly and give jurisdiction to the court.

Then it was Mary’s turn, Its her 5th time in so a bit more serious for her, The barrister stood up and started whinging as he had done all morning, that he hadn’t received the affidavit he was supposed to get. Mary handed him his copy and pleaded ignorant to that rule. On his reading of the first paragraph one could immediately see the contents of the document disturbed him. So back to the begging and whinging he went and eventually asked for a few minutes so he could get his head around the headache document Mary had just given him.

While I can’t say whats in the document, Mary has been using a process called the Official Offer. I could clearly see the barrister didn’t like it because it had allowed Mary to rebut his previous affidavit and offer a defense.

Upset by the contents of the document the barrister began whinging and begging the court again, saying he had been hurt by Mary not knowing the rules and this had forced him to waste a day in court, (he must have forgotten we had watched him re-presenting other cases earlier) and he chanced his arm and asked for costs. With a small prompt Mary objected and this really pissed him off when Mary once again objected to the Registrar asking her to pay his costs, So they weren’t given. Why? because there was no consent from Mary to allow this. Remember the barrister is already getting paid, why should he get paid twice. So Mary was right to object.

Now even more upset the barrister continued to whinge like a little girl (it was embarrassing to be honest) he now took it upon himself to reply personally to Mary’s affidavit. How strange he hadn’t even consulted with his client the Bank and he sought a two week period to reply. This was granted by way of an adjournment till october 19th and we left the court room.

So what happens now you may ask? Well the Banks Solicitors have to serve Mary with this replying affidavit in two weeks, then Mary has till the 15th of october to rebut this replying affidavit if she chooses.

Whatever happens from now on for Mary will decide if we have a justice system or not.

I say we have a Justice system and that the Judges will do their jobs without fear or favor,affection or ill will towards any man or woman and uphold the constitution and the laws.

Heres a question, What happened in Irish society that tens of thousands of Irish families find themselves in this situation.

I offer this piece of advice to all who find themselves in this situation, tread carefully how you approach this. Do not stick your head in the sand, Offer a defense, Communicate with the lender, (do this through mail, not the phone), seek out help from people who know about the court procedure and can offer some guidance.

In court yesterday I also seen a family dwelling taken in a Balbriggan with a stroke of a pen because no defense was offered. make sure thats not you, turn up and defend your dwelling.

Make sure to visit the website Official Offer Made

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Maxim of Law: Legality is NOT Reality. (It is a COPY).

Maxim of Law: Legality is NOT Reality. (It is a COPY).
Legality, by its clever use of Words, Phonics, Symbols and Spells creates an Altered State of Reality called Royalty (The CROWN). It creates an Altered State of Mind. It is a form of TRANCE-HUMANISM. It is the opposite of Live and becomes Evil in the Mirror.In other words, it does not actually exist unless you (or anothers) Life Force energy is put into it and Conjures it up like Magick. Your Energy / Inner Chi is breathed into this otherwise non-existant “Chaos” that then creates “Form” (Paper with Meaning by Agree-Ment).

However it is more than just your own agreement that brings it too life, it is also the agreement of others who surround you who themselves Rede and Utter the words of the Prints of Darkness and enter Royalty and leave Reality. This is why the City of London (The CROWN) is known as a “Seperate State” (an Altered State).

The LEGAL NAME does not exist unless it is Conjured up or Summonsed like a Demon by the Priests of the Inner Temple of the Altered State (Barristers and their Legalese Agents in their Dark Robes). The Temple where the BAR (Ba = Soul) reside. The Inner Temple of an Altered State of Mind within the CAPITAL (Head). It is all in the Head.

So, I propose that the LEGAL NAME is in fact the “LE-GHUL NAME” and the word “Al Ghul” is French Arabic meaning “THE DEMON”. The Demon perhaps of the UNDERWORLD of ANUBIS (The Black Dog Headed God). A Black Dog is associated with Hell.

A Ghoul (from Ghul) is a Evil (Live) Spirit that Robs Graves (SEE ALL CAPITAL NAME AS ON A TOMB STONE). A Ghoul then FEEDS ON A CORPSE.

It is said in Black Magick that if you know the Name of a DEMON you can Control it to serve your demands. I propose that this is why inside these TEMPLES (COURTS) they always SUMMONS the DEMON or LE GHUL NAME and once it “APPEARS” they have full control over it.

The MASTER COUNTERFEITER (Great Deceiver) has CARBON (666) Copied Man. He has made a PYRATE COPY (CO-PYRE-RATE / Corporate) of Man, an UNDERWORLD Copy on the BLACK MARKET that by Deception of THE PRINTS OF DARKNESS has got you Breathing your Life Force (FIRE / PYRE) into this Chaos Magick to Conjure up Form. Form that these Priests of Royalty can Control under a COPY RITE (RITUAL). ORDER FROM CHAOS.

This is THE MATRIX where you currently ”Live” and where you are ”Authored” by the Father of All Lies (The PRINTS OF DARKNESS).

The CROWN PRINTS ”Authors” your Character known as a ”PERSON” or **”PRESS-ON”**. You, The Original, have been Carbon (666) Copied by the CROWN (Pressed onto a Piece of Paper by the Prints of Darkness). A CROWN CLONE was CREATED and you were unwittingly invited to actually ”BE IT”.
It stems right back to the ”GUTENBERG PRESS” (Gutenberg was a Goldsmith in Germany, famous for PRINTING THE WORD OF GOD FOR SHECKELS). This ”Typeset Mount” for printing is known as a ”MATRIX”. You have been entered into the BOOK OF THE DEAD.

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