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Gun wielding terrorists break into Meath dwelling, terrorising the occupants.

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On Wednesday night under the cover of darkness on the 7th of December an armed gang of what can only be described as unidentified terrorists broke into a dwelling in Mornington County Meath. Smashing through 3 doors simultaneously these armed men in black, wielding military style automatic weapons assaulted and threatened 3 surprised men (knocking one on continuous) and pointing these weapons inches from their heads, When asked to identify themselves these strangers remained silent. The owner of the dwelling asked on several occasions for these strangers to identify themselves and when the owner asked ARE YOU HERE TO SHOOT US a live bullet was dropped at his head. Again the owner asked ARE YOU HERE TO SHOOT US and asked these armed strangers if they were the same men wanted in connection with the Regency Hotel shooting as they fitted the description perfectly. This assault continued for some time before a man in plain clothes stepped forward identifying himself as a Garda, No lawful warrant was presented or given for this unlawful occupation of a mans dwelling.


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By Tom Ryan

Definition of STATE: The political system consisting of a body of people who are politically organized, the system of rules by which jurisdiction and authority are organized over such a body of people.
Is that you? Are you an employee of the state? Are you politically organized? Are you a politician?
If you are not one of those, they ‘the state’ try to rope you in by getting us to enter into and agree to a ‘social contract’.

What is a ‘social contract’? “ A social contract is the express or implied agreement between ‘citizens’ and the government by which individuals agree to surrender certain freedoms in exchange for mutual protection.” This is the agreement forming the basis of what a political society is. The political society is the state. The people of the state are politically organized. They have a system of rules by which their jurisdiction is exercised over themselves because they are an institution of ‘self government’.

The Irish Free State was set up by the British Government of Ireland Act on December 1922, replacing the Irish Republic which had been created by Dáil Éireann on January 21st 1919 by the will of the people following the 1918 general election. The social contract was broken right there.
You may have heard that you have ‘civil rights’. There are even ‘civil rights’ movements. Civil rights come from being a ‘citizen’. So what specifically is a ‘citizen? A ‘citizen’ is a member of a political community owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to all its ‘civil rights’.

They took all your unalienable sovereign rights and freedoms in the ‘social contract’ and gave you ‘civil rights’ and ‘protections’ instead.
The state says it has no obligation to protect us. For example it imposed the debt of private banks on the people without any reference to the people. The state robbed you, your children and the unborn children of this country for generations to come. Therefore we don’t have a valid social contract.

We are expected to give up our unalienable freedoms in exchange for protection by the state but they give us no protection. On the contrary they rob us and sell our oil, gas, mineral and fishery rights as well as trying to package our rights to water into a private ‘for sale’ corporation.

Therefore what the state claims to be a ‘social contract’ is now a void contract. It has no standing because there is no protection and no consideration. That in turn means that the political society or community no longer exists in its true meaning. The contract with the people has been broken which means that the state on which it is based can no longer legitimately exist. Therefore the state is a complete fiction.
Since it no longer has even the semblance of legitimacy the state keeps itself together by naked force as is evidenced by the unlawful evictions of people from their homes at the behest of the bankers with the connivance of the judiciary. The treatment of water protesters is another example. You are ruled by a totalitarian junta masquerading as a legitimate government.

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