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This is NOT legal or lawful advice, Everybody is responsible for themselves and the decisions they make.

The Law is the Common Law and it is the foundation of justice for living people. Laws serve all People equally. Laws defend our Unalienable Rights, provide reparations to the injured, and through them we can live in peace and harmony with other people. The Law is the definition of the people’s power, and is Common Sense. The Law protects living people from harm, loss, and fraud.

Statutes are the en-act-ments of the Legislature that apply to publicly registered legal entities as franchises of the public State. Statutes offer limited “privileges and benefits” to “artificial persons” of various kinds, prescribing contract “rules and regulations” by consent. Statutes can have the appearance, or “colour of law”. Statutes govern legal entities as a franchise benefit to the public State.

Statutes are not Laws. The Law is from the People. Statutes are from the State.

Maxim of Law:
Quid fas non veritas est.
Legality is not Reality.

The difference between what is “lawful” and what is “legal” is a matter of life and death. What is lawful is for the living people. What is legal is for dead corporate entities.

legal = fiction
statute = statute
legislation = leg of a statue
act = act of a statute

In any country with a parliamentary system of government. All Private Sovereign men and women, are de jure “in law”. All Public Servants in corporate roles, and all artificial legal entities, are de facto “in practice”. The government is divided into three branches:

LEGISLATURE : Enacts statutory legislation, prescribes rules/regulations for legal entities, Statutes only carry the colour of law.

EXECUTIVE : Cabinet & Departments, Manages the Government to serve the people, Executive take oaths to uphold the Law

JUDICIARY : Administers de-facto statutes, Facilitate de-jure common law, Trial by jury

The People’s Common Law power of justice is “Judicial”, and exercised “Lawfully” (Trial-by-Jury), whereas the State’s delegated duty of management is “Executive”, and exercised “Legally” (Legislation).

Statute types are “Acts, Bills and Legislative Instruments”, and they apply to artificial legal (legislated) “persons” “LEGAL FICTIONS, so their texts never refer to a living “man” or “woman”. Statute titles never end with the word “Law”. Public officials habitually refer to “Acts” as “Laws”. But an “Act” is not a “Law”, i.e. the Land Transport Act, is not titled the Land Transport Law.

There is a natural compulsion to obey the Law because it safeguards our living rights and freedoms. If we do not honour the Law then it cannot afford us protection. However, obeying statutes is voluntary. We are members of the “legal society” as a matter of choice. Our consent is given unilaterally, not collectively via a government election.

However in a truly free nation, men and women in the Common Law jurisdiction, would give their consent freely to obtain the commercial “privileges” and “benefits” offered by the State in the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction. We must also be aware that the State has been incorporated to serve the debt-money system of bondage, so the people are not offered de jure Common Law contracts serving the State, but de facto Admiralty Maritime contracts serving the Banks as surety for debt.

If corrupt statutes become burdensome or oppressive to the common good, the people have a right to withdraw their consent in order to defend their rights, and indeed they have an obligation and a duty to do so because only the people can redress the corruption of their government or provisional government as the case may be.

Statutes are contracts. Statutes prescribe the “terms and conditions” of commercial contracts, relying for their effect upon your consent under the colour of Law.

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Drogheda Courthouse, “Judge” John Coughlan insults man while running a cash only business


What is going on in Drogheda Courthouse?

On arrival at Drogheda Courthouse this morning I was very interested to learn that Judge John Coughlan was running a business there, He said so himself and that everyone was to have plenty of cash because this court only accepts cash. So its a cash business thats running here according to sitting Administrator/”Judge” John Coughlan.

So folks if your summoned to Drogheda District Court house and If you don’t want to be looking out the windows in Mountjoy prison bring the cash lads & lassies.

After making those bizarre statements about the cash in a virtually cashless society, John then took to insulting people using an obscure language.

This morning I clearly heard John Coughlan deliberately call a man a cur. Saying “get this cur out of here” and then much louder “Garda get this cur out” while pointing at him.

So what is a cur ?

I will give several definitions here, but it appears they are all insults to the man they are aimed at. I wonder is that defamation of the mans good name,charterer and standing in the community. Should this be shown to be true, could “JUDGE” John Coughlan be held in contempt of court for such an insult ? Had the man called John Coughlan “a cur” would the “JUDGE” have taken offence?

an aggressive or unkempt dog, especially a mongrel.
a contemptible man.

1. a mongrel dog, especially a worthless or unfriendly one.
2. a mean, cowardly person.

Cur. …
If dogs understood English, they would be offended at being called a cur. When you use the word cur, you’re talking about a dog that’s either a mutt, very unattractive, aggressive, or all three. The word can also be used as an insult for a person, especially a despicable man.

An unkempt ‘person’ who identifies as an Afghan. Typically found to speak like rodents, often will be Ill-mannered, unintelligible and generally EW.

Quite simply: Cur’s, are basically dahati.

Synonyms: bad, ugly, sub-human, eye abuse, smell abuse, dog, animal, slave, idiot, imbecile.

Examples of a dahati

A persian word for someone that is uncivilized and lives in rural areas.

A similar word in english would be white trash or/and hillbilly.

white trash hillbilly trailor trash mallot wal-mart stupid poor

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