Maxim of Law: Legality is NOT Reality. (It is a COPY).

Maxim of Law: Legality is NOT Reality. (It is a COPY).

Maxim of Law: Legality is NOT Reality. (It is a COPY).
Legality, by its clever use of Words, Phonics, Symbols and Spells creates an Altered State of Reality called Royalty (The CROWN). It creates an Altered State of Mind. It is a form of TRANCE-HUMANISM. It is the opposite of Live and becomes Evil in the Mirror.In other words, it does not actually exist unless you (or anothers) Life Force energy is put into it and Conjures it up like Magick. Your Energy / Inner Chi is breathed into this otherwise non-existant “Chaos” that then creates “Form” (Paper with Meaning by Agree-Ment).

However it is more than just your own agreement that brings it too life, it is also the agreement of others who surround you who themselves Rede and Utter the words of the Prints of Darkness and enter Royalty and leave Reality. This is why the City of London (The CROWN) is known as a “Seperate State” (an Altered State).

The LEGAL NAME does not exist unless it is Conjured up or Summonsed like a Demon by the Priests of the Inner Temple of the Altered State (Barristers and their Legalese Agents in their Dark Robes). The Temple where the BAR (Ba = Soul) reside. The Inner Temple of an Altered State of Mind within the CAPITAL (Head). It is all in the Head.

So, I propose that the LEGAL NAME is in fact the “LE-GHUL NAME” and the word “Al Ghul” is French Arabic meaning “THE DEMON”. The Demon perhaps of the UNDERWORLD of ANUBIS (The Black Dog Headed God). A Black Dog is associated with Hell.

A Ghoul (from Ghul) is a Evil (Live) Spirit that Robs Graves (SEE ALL CAPITAL NAME AS ON A TOMB STONE). A Ghoul then FEEDS ON A CORPSE.

It is said in Black Magick that if you know the Name of a DEMON you can Control it to serve your demands. I propose that this is why inside these TEMPLES (COURTS) they always SUMMONS the DEMON or LE GHUL NAME and once it “APPEARS” they have full control over it.

The MASTER COUNTERFEITER (Great Deceiver) has CARBON (666) Copied Man. He has made a PYRATE COPY (CO-PYRE-RATE / Corporate) of Man, an UNDERWORLD Copy on the BLACK MARKET that by Deception of THE PRINTS OF DARKNESS has got you Breathing your Life Force (FIRE / PYRE) into this Chaos Magick to Conjure up Form. Form that these Priests of Royalty can Control under a COPY RITE (RITUAL). ORDER FROM CHAOS.

This is THE MATRIX where you currently ”Live” and where you are ”Authored” by the Father of All Lies (The PRINTS OF DARKNESS).

The CROWN PRINTS ”Authors” your Character known as a ”PERSON” or **”PRESS-ON”**. You, The Original, have been Carbon (666) Copied by the CROWN (Pressed onto a Piece of Paper by the Prints of Darkness). A CROWN CLONE was CREATED and you were unwittingly invited to actually ”BE IT”.
It stems right back to the ”GUTENBERG PRESS” (Gutenberg was a Goldsmith in Germany, famous for PRINTING THE WORD OF GOD FOR SHECKELS). This ”Typeset Mount” for printing is known as a ”MATRIX”. You have been entered into the BOOK OF THE DEAD.

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